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Mariëlle's personal story

From my own experience: "Every woman deserves to feel beautiful about herself, regardless of your cup size!"

It is almost ironic that Mariëlle van der Loo, the creator and face behind the successful swimwear and lingerie webshop Annadiva, has experienced years of insecurity and frustration about her 'large cup size'. Her self-image changed for the first time when she found what she was looking for. From then on, Mariëlle dared to embrace her body and aspires for other women to feel the same.

Mariëlle's frustration and insecurity grew with each cup size: "I was the first girl in class who had breasts. My classmates wore tight shirts and tops, but I had to wear a bra. Buying a new bra or swimwear was really a crime. I couldn't think of anything worse than that. From a young age, I was insecure about my body." Yet her background is actually her strength. Now she feels comfortable in her own body AND shines in her own lingerie and swimwear.

Mariëlle consciously chooses to feature herself in her Annadiva collection, alongside her colleagues. Our motto is "Choose to shine". You can only spread that message if you feel it yourself. I am a mother of two kids and I do not have a 'model body'. My size, how much I weigh; it says nothing about how beautiful I am. How I feel, what I want to wear; I decide that for myself."

Annadiva Private Label

Mariëlle's childhood dream: launching her own collection! You know what they say: if you can dream it, you can do it - and she did! In 2021, Annadiva launched its first swimwear collection and a lingerie and nightwear line followed shortly after. With the motto 'For women, by women', the collections are created and developed. Swimwear and lingerie in one of the basic colours can often still be found. Also in the larger cup sizes. But finding something that suits the latest trends becomes more difficult. "We are there especially for ladies with a so-called 'difficult' cup size."

Mariëlle explains: "The development of the collections is a beautiful cooperation of all the expertise we have in house in combination with the customers' wishes. Step by step, the various models and fits are established. We also take a critical look at our size range. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved so far!"

Annadiva private label is sold exclusively via Annadiva's webshops in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany as well as in our three boutiques.

Annadiva Magazine

View the complete spring/summer collection in the Annadiva magazine. This 2024 collection is one filled with warm colours, classy styles and a hint of vintage, for an ultimate summer feeling.

Annadiva Swim 2024